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What I’m looking forward to the most in London:

  1. Wizarding world of Harry Potter
  2. everything else harry potter ^_^
  3. London eye / big ben / stonehenge

then onto all my European adventures.

N E E D  T O  S T A Y  M O T I V A T E D  !




I literally had tears in my eyes when my UK Passport arrived. I was so nervous, I had very limited information when applying and wasn’t sure if I had provided enough information or proof that I was entitled to it.

The eligibility criteria is so hard to wrap your head around but I eventually did it and got this baby in the mail. I have never been so happy, I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity and CANT WAIT to go to Europe and use it 😀

Queenstown / Photo Diary

New Years 2015


All of our main activities were here, so I made this album separate

South Island / Photo Diary

Christmas and New Years 2014 – 2015

South Island

stressed out

to meet the eligibility criteria to go on exchange you need to have completed 18 credit points at the time of filing, I interpreted the eligibility criteria wrong I thought it was at the time of leaving the country… what was I thinking?

for this reason I had to pick up another unit, so studying 4 units while working full time. I feel like all I am doing is struggling to keep up with the course work.  Continue reading


North Island, New Zealand / Photo Diary

Christmas and New Years 2014 – 2015


my bucket list

don't call it a dream, call it a plan I have had to update my bucket list because there are just so many things I want to do, with so many being in Europe. 30 before I’m 30

  1. Raise Lions/Cubs in South Africa
  2. get a harry potter tattoo
  3. no credit card debt
  4. Live in England
  5. be in a healthy BMI range
  6. long term travel
  7. white Christmas
  8. have seen 4 of the 7 wonders
  9. go on exchange while studying at Uni
  10. visit 30 countries before i’m 30my-travel-map (1)
  11. travel with a stranger
  12. Floating Markets in Thailand
  13. Say “Thank You” in 10 Languages
  14. Throw a Dart at a Map and Just Go
  15. sleep in an overnight train
  16. Hike Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
  17. Walk Great Wall of China
  18. Gather enough passport stamps to warrant a new one
  19. IMG_6624Take a boat trip to Seal Island, Cape Town, South Africa
  20. Hike to the Cape Point Lighthouse, South Africa
  21. learn to ride a motorcycle
  22. sky dive
  23. Drive through Cape Point National Reserve, South Africa
  24. become partially fluent in a second language (german)
  25. Ice Skate on a Lake
  26. watch the ball drop in NY on New Years
  27. Take a Snowshoe Hike
  28. get my full license
  29. Harry Potter
    • Harry Potter studios London
    • Visit Harrods,  Knightsbridge, London
    • The Hogwarts Express (Jacobite Steam Train)
    • Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Orlando
    • Hogwarts Great Hall in Christ Church College, Oxford
    • Durham Cathedral, England
    • Hogwarts School- Broomstick Flying & Quidditch Scenes in Alnwick Castle
    • King’s Cross Station, London, England
    • Millenium Bridge in St. Pauls
    • Hogwarts Library in Bodleian Library, Oxford
    • Diagon Alley in Borough Market
    • Gringotts Wizarding Bank in Australia House, Strand
    • Hogsmeade Station in Goathland Station, North Yorkshire
    • Glencoe, Scotland
    • Bodleian Library, Oxford, England
  30. have awesome European adventures
  31. See the Colosseum in Rome, Italy
  32. Do a walking tour in Prague in the Czech Republic
  33. Visit concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, Germany
  34. Snowboard The Swiss Alps, Switzerland
  35. Check out the Louvre in Paris
  36. Have Pizza in Italy
  37. Stand in a red phone box in England
  38. snowboard in switzerland
  39. Bicycle tour of Amsterdam
  40. Have a croissant at a side walk café in Paris
  41. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany
  42. Holocaust memorial near the Brandenburg Gate, Germany
  43. Have a pint at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
  44. Sunbathe in Nice on the French Riviera
  45. Take a chocolate walking tour in Brussels, Belgium
  46. Explore Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary
  47. Go cycling in the Netherlands
  48. Coffee in Italy
  49. Drink wine in Paris, Francevinyl-wall-map-800x491
  50. stay in a castle in Bavaria, Germany
  51. Go island hopping in Greece
  52. Visit Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle) in Transylvania, Romania
  53. Anne Frank House, Amsterdam
  54. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
  55. Bike Tour around France
  56. Walk the ancient city of Dubrovnik, Croatia
  57. Party in Spain’s Ibiza
  58. Visit Juliet’s balcony in Verona, Italy
  59. Dive into the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy
  60. Get involved in La Tomatina in Spain
  61. See the view from the London Eye
  62. Explore Torcello in the Venetian Lagoon, Venice
  63. Do a pub crawl in Dublin, Ireland
  64. Check out the darker side of London on a ghost tour
  65. Drift down a canal in Amsterdam
  66. Venice gondola ride
  67. Cycle around Bruges, Belgium.
  68. Check out the Christmas markets in Germany
  69. Pay your respects to Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison at Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris
  70. Berlin Wall in Berlin, Germany
  71. Embark on a comic strip walk in Brussels, Belgium
  72. Visit the Electric Ladyland gallery in Amsterdam
  73. Check your adrenaline on the rides at Europa-Park, Germany.
  74. Learn to cook, Catalan-style, in Barcelona
  75. Swim at Puglia in southern Italy
  76. Ride the Dragon Khan rollercoaster at PortAventura in Salou, Spain
  77. Go sailing around the Stockholm islands in Sweden
  78. Buy a book at Shakespeare & Co in Paris
  79. Take a private plane trip in Budapest, Hungary
  80. Check out the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia
  81. Visit Cinque Terre in Italy
  82. Take the plunge and bungy jump in Switzerland
  83. Ride in an air balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey
  84. Grab a waffle in Covent Garden, London
  85. Check out the time on the Prague Astronomical Clock, Czech Republic
  86. Snap the ultimate photo at Pulpit Rock, Norway
  87. IMG_7871Check out Sziget summer music festival in Hungary
  88. Kayak at Lake Bled, Slovenia
  89. Predjama Castle, Slovenia
  90. Watch the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence
  91. Jump off the rocks at Dubrovnik, Croatia
  92. Get freaked out at Rome’s Capuchin Crypt
  93. Dive between continental plates in Silfra, Iceland
  94. Swim in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
  95. Check out the Northern Lights above the Arctic Circle in Norway or Iceland
  96. Take the road less travelled on Transfagarasan Road, Romania
  97. Soak up the hot waters in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  98. Eat a seven-course meal at a French chateau
  99. Check out the street art in Copenhagen, Denmark
  100. Walk the cobbled streets of Toledo, Spain
  101. Gamble in Monaco
  102. Check out the East Side Gallery in Berlin
  103. Marvel at Stonehenge in England
  104. Catch the changing of the guard in Warsaw, Poland
  105. Bottle your own wine at a private Tuscan vineyard in Italy
  106. Take a photo of Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
  107. Sunbathe on a black beach in Santorini, Greece
  108. Tiptoe through the tulips in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  109. See the colourful buildings in Sintra, Portugal
  110. Take in the history of Pompeii, Italy
  111. Check out the Palace of Versailles in France
  112. Take an alfresco dip in Lidos, London
  113. Snowboard the alps in Austria.
  114. Build a snowman in the European winter
  115. Roam the Vatican in Italy
  116. Go hiking in the Tyrol Alps, Austria
  117. Look out over Athens from the Acropolis
  118. Ride a marshrutka minibus in Armenia
  119. Have a picnic in Central Park, New York
  120. See the Redwoods, US
  121. cross-country tour via Bike
  122. Experiencing Weightlessness // Indoor Skydive
  123. Stay in an over water Villa in the Maldives
  124. Travel to Bhutan
  125. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  126. sleep under the stars
  127. Stand under a Waterfall
  128. Attend/Host a Murder Mystery Dinner
  129. Meet Rupert Grint
  130. milk from a fresh coconut
  131. learn the alphabet in sign language
  132. Quadbiking
  133. Ride In A Tuk Tuk, Thailand
  134. cable car
  135. Ride On A Segway
  136. fly first class
  137. See Three Story Tree House, British Columbia, Canada
  138. go on a cruise
  139. go on a safari13fd64a36f26f463953c79178f34c049
  140. sleep in a Capsule Hotel
  141. sleep in a houseboat
  142. sleep in a teepee
  143. sleep in a tree house
  144. underwater hotel
  145. step foot in all 7 continents
  146. See The Northern Lights, Alaska
  147. Walk The Las Vegas Strip, Nevada
  148. Grand Central Station, New York
  149. Times Square, New York
  150. Niagara Falls, New York/Canada
  151. Shop At The European Christmas Markets
  152. Walk Across Abbey Road In London, England
  153. Stand In Front Of The Taj Mahal, India
  154. Blue Grotto | Italy
  155. Sit On The Edge Of Preikestolen, Norway
  156. Hike The Inca Trail, Peru
  157. Hike Through The Crooked Forest, Poland
  158. Let Go Of A Floating Lantern, Thailand
  159. Visit Rupert, Daniel And Emmas Handprints
  160. Visit The Amazon Rainforest
  161. Tigers & Elephants in Thailand
  162. Temples in Thailand
  163. Go To A Floating Lantern Festival, Thailand
  164. snake around my neck
  165. Yosemite National Park, US
  166. Drive a Snowmobile
  167. Swim In An Infinity Pool
  168. Graduate from university
  169. Have A Campfire On The Beach
  170. Go For A Fish Pedicure, Malaysia
  171. Cliff Diving

I have used Flight Centres 101 Must-Do’s in Europe in 2016 as inspiration for my European adventures.